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Written by MasterCKO   
Thursday, 15 May 2008 03:35
I finally got around to doing this blog. Anyway, welcome. This is going to to be a collection of art that I've done. I'll have sketches, completed drawings, computer art, whatever I get around to working on and getting in an electronic form. The first thing that I'm posting is something I did for a Sunday drawing day that I've been doing in my house for the past few weeks. This is a bit old (and also on my main blog), but I wanted something to put on here. I've decided to focus on realistic pencils for a while so don't expect any anime-y drawings on here for a bit, unless I decide to post some older stuff.

Here goes.

I like the way this came out, actually. There are a couple things that I wish I could improve (the hair is supposed to be blonde, but came out a bit too dark in mine; the features on the face are a bit bigger than in the source photo; etc.), but still, pretty good, I think. Oh, and here's the original.

C+C welcome.

Also, I finished a new drawing the day before yesterday, so I'll be scanning and posting it a little later (maybe today or tomorrow). Hint: it has to do with family Felidae and genus Panthera.
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