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Written by MasterCKO   
Sunday, 28 December 2008 05:13
Well, I’m going to be heading back to Abuja tomorrow. Church was as long as I expected, but not as boring as I expected. There was a fundraising event halfway through (during the time set aside for the Homily, if you know Catholic tradition) that was pretty interesting. Both of my parents donated quite a bit of money to the Church. My dad had me and my bro go up and “donate” money, too, but he’s going to actually donate it.

After that we came home for a bit and ate lunch, and I took a nap, after which, we went to a Bazaar, which was another donation event for the church – a charity auction, actually. It was pretty cool at first. Then boring. Then cool again, when I walked around and talked with my brother and cousin (technically, first cousin, once removed). Then boring again. I will say, though, that the image of my dad as the rich dude around town was very striking. He was seriously like the Don Corleone (sp?) of the town (without the illegal activities, hehe). There are also a couple of other big, famous families around town. I have a picture of my dad and guys from the other two families sitting next to each other and it really looks like we’re looking at a triumvirate of mafia heads or something. It was crazy. Yeah, my dad is rich.

Oh, I told this to my brother earlier today, but an interesting thing out here is that everyone greets everyone all the time. And very proper-like. “Good Evening, Sir.” “You are very welcome here!” Stuff like that. It’s kinda cool because it’s gotten me talking to people and being polite and stuff. 8^D

As this part of the trip with my family draws to a close, though, I can say that I’m really glad I came. Not saying I’m going to come out here all the time, but for the first time, I really feel connected to my culture and my family over here. It’s a good feeling.
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