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Written by MasterCKO   
Sunday, 21 December 2008 18:34
Well, I just arrived in Abuja. What’s happened so far? I stopped over in London Heathrow. British Airways just completed most of their new terminal, Terminal 5, and holy crap that is one big terminal. It’s just for one airline, too. It’s honestly amazing. The stopover was SO LONG, though. I got in at about noon or so and the flight out to Abuja left at 9:30pm. BLECH.

Since arriving in Abuja, I’m reminded of a lot of stuff. There’s the same sorta stark difference between the rich and the poor, but I’m beginning to see more of what makes the “middle class” here. It’s getting better from what I can tell. More traffic lights, more highways, more infrastructure in general. Power still doesn’t run 24/7, though. Stupid NEPA. Hmm, my phone works and gets 3G of all things. I’m pretty surprised at that, but I guess that’s the benefit of GSM. I’m still not keeping AT&T, though. It’s just too annoying while I’m in the US and this phone is a bit unstable for my liking.

Internet is a rare commodity here, so I’ve only been able to check email once this whole time. I’m having withdrawal pains here. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS! This would be the ideal location to get WiMax rolled out, honestly. But that would require that the government get its act together and actually work earnestly towards bettering the lives of its citizens, which is a tall order. If it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg, I would use my phone, but alas, I can’t. At least I have the lifeline of CNN.

I will be heading to my dad’s village of Obeledu tomorrow. This part of the trip should be interesting. I haven’t been back there in a LONG time.
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