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Written by MasterCKO   
Saturday, 27 January 2007 07:35

So, I've been back to the States for a while, and I've been a bit lazy, but I still have the rest of my trip to explain, so here goes.

Day 1 (pictures)
So I took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagoya and from there, I got on local trains from there to Naka-komono (中菰野), this tiny station in Mie (三重) Prefecture. The whole ride was nice enough with cool scenery. Anyway, once on the local trains, I met this guy who all of a sudden asked me if I like beer. I said, yeah, kinda, so he offered to give me a can. He had bought too many and was already really drunk apparently, so he gave me one. He then went on to say that he really liked my hands. He said that they were the hands of someone who works for a living and lives life or something like that. He complained that he had inherited his work from his father and was the 5代 (Fifth Generation) at it. I was curious becuz salary men don't describe themselves as fifth gen or having inherited their work. Anyway, turns out he's a Noh actor! I was super amazed. It was quite a surreal experience.

After this I eventually made it to the station and met up with Chris. An event-filled journey.

Day 2
I kinda chilled out for the first part of the day, then walked for half an hour to an electronics store and a bookstore. It was cold. That's about it.

Day 3
More hanging around. I did some online errands and sent in more apps for jobs. Later that night, I met Chris' token Japanese friend (Chris' words, not mine), Hiroko, when she came over to Chris' apt.

Day 4 (pictures)
On this day, I did laundry. It was a great day for that. It was sunny and windy (but still cold), so it made great drying weather. After this, I went with Chris to eat at this random Italian restaurant by the train station. It was actually pretty good. I was surprised. After this, I went to Nagoya to just walk around and see the area. I went to a huge electronics store, a bookstore, and just some walking. I didn't really feel like going around the city, so I just hovered around the Nagoya station. I also reserved seats for the Shinkansen to Hakata that I would ride in a couple of days. That's all for this day.

Day 5
I was going to try to head out to Ise Shrine at this point, but I didn't really want to pay the money, plus Chris was busy with stuff, so I decided not to. I just looked up all the info that I would need to get to Tsushima and packed and that's about it.

And that was my time in Mie. It was pretty low key, with lots of just hanging out and doing nothing, which I appreciated. Next time, the final third of the trip. To Tsushima, and Beyond!!

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