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Written by MasterCKO   
Friday, 04 May 2007 02:46
So I've been doing well. Work is fine, though the number of projects that I'm working on have dropped drastically. Let's hope that it picks up before I head to vegas so I can get some, you know, money.

Anyway, I'm also having fun planning out a new comic with my roommate, Jess. She's a really good artist and is pretty creative, too. We gone in and out of this idea for a while, but we're actually making real progress now in the planning stages. More info later.

I'm having a problem with my website (hosted on a friend's webserver). Because of this, I'm thinking of finally getting my own. Also, I think that I finally figured out how I'm going to arrange my artblog. Now to start doing it.

I've gone riding (on my motorcycle) on the freeway now. It's pretty fun, but very violent (If you seen those Lexus "fast is violent" commercials, that's what I mean). Imagine sitting straight up in 70-80 MPH wind. Yeah.

Finally, I've recently found three causes sorta that warrant looking into. One is somewhat serious and the other two are just TV shows that have been canceled too early (IMO) and are web petitions that may or may not turn into anything.

The first is a fight against a Government Agency that is trying to essentially bankrupt the internet radio industry with exorbitant fees on behalf of the great and powerful RIAA:

NBC canceled probably the best non-superhero drama on TV after maybe 5-6 weeks, The Black Donnellys. Come on, NBC. You wonder why other networks are creaming you? Maybe it's that despite the breakaway hit Heroes, you've canceled good shows that you had going this season like Donnellys and (to a lesser extent) Studio 60. Or maybe the network needs a new reality show. No, not really. Sign here to show NBC you care about good TV:
Also, please watch the remaining episodes of the show on NBC.com. It might help show them (more directly than Neilsen ratings) that there is actually interest in the show.

Fox canceled Drive after showing 4 episodes in less than two weeks. What the hell? It was a good show. Give it time, jerks. Sign here if you watched and enjoyed it:

On that note, I'm watching way too much TV this year. *sigh*
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